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In 1989 Greg Johnson founded The Westpark Company, Inc. in Meridian, Idaho. His first project was a small residential community called Gem Park. Neighborhoods like Pheasant Hollow and Silverwood soon followed. One project at a time, the company gradually grew and prospered. In the early 2000s larger projects like Paramount and Tuscany came on line. Gramercy District and Riverwood Homes emerged thereafter as the company expanded in scope to pursue commercial development and home building.

Through nearly 30 years of ups and downs in the real estate market, Westpark Companies has survived and thrived because of its unyielding commitment to quality and providing value to customers. The value provided by Westpark to its customers is tangible, and the results speak for themselves.  Today new Westpark developments are in demand by builders, homeowners, and businesses alike. The built-out communities remain in good condition, and homeowners enjoy strong resale values.

Westpark is mindful of its history and proud of its success. Management will continue to follow the principles of value creation upon which the company has been built.

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